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Embroidery was the first service House of Brands offered when we were established in 1990.  We believe “not all embroidery was created equal”, and the items walking around the globe with embroidery on them will prove it!  Have you ever seen an embroidered logo and thought “WOW, that is clean, rich, thick, tight, detailed and more”?  House of Brands takes embroidery seriously and we take all steps necessary to produce the highest quality embroidery on the planet!  

House of Brands does all embroidery at our facility in South Dakota.  Our state of the art Tajima embroidery machines are the best commercial embroidery machines made!  Our veteran embroidery team members have the experience necessary to produce the embroidery you expect!  

We will prepare your logo for embroidery with a simple .jpeg file.  The process to take a logo from graphic to embroidery ready is called “digitizing”.  Our digitizers are meticulous at their approach and we do test sewouts on all new logos prior to proceeding to your actual products.


Did you know that embroidery on hats sews from the center out and embroidery on apparel and bags sews from left to right?  

Did you know the thread you see between letters and parts of a design are called “jump stitches”?  Jump stitches are commonly overused in the industry to save run time on the machine.  House of Brands makes every effort to only use jump stitches when necessary!  

Our thread inventory is deep and our color selections are wide.  We will work with your logo guidelines to match your colors as close as possible!  With embroidery there isn’t an exact PMS color match, but our team’s experienced eye always meets our customer’s expectations!

House of Brands also embroiders all types of patches on products as well as 3D “puff” foam embroidery on certain items!!   

Embroidery has been around the decorated apparel industry for decades and is here to stay!


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