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House of Brands is your go-to partner to fulfill all of your franchisee branded apparel and merchandising needs. We work with you and all of your franchisee locations to supply them with all branded merchandising needs. From uniforms, to pens, to large-scale displays for tradeshows and events, and virtually everything in between, we have you covered. Every franchise is different and we cater our services to fit exactly what you need.


At House of Brands, we understand that maintaining your brand consistency across all of your franchise locations is paramount to your success. Without it, you risk creating customer confusion, which can ultimately weaken your brand recognition. We also understand this can be challenging if you are trying to do this on your own. Let us take care of your branded merchandise needs with our streamlined, full-service fulfillment so you can rest easy knowing that all of your franchisee locations have exactly what they need.

Order Process

  • Continuous product and event inspiration based on our wealth of industry experience and knowledge.
  • A dedicated team that truly listens and understands your needs and the needs of your industry to provide the very best experience for you and your customers. 
  • Customized product and apparel recommendations that align with your target audience. 
  • Expert onboarding experience for each franchisee. 
  • Efficient end-to-end logistics, including inventory and order fulfillment.

Franchisee Webstores

Below are listed all of the information you need regarding our webstore services along with options that we provide for each of your franchisee webstores. The webstore creation cost is a one time fee of $1,500.


Webstore Services & Options

Webstore Development

  • House of Brands creates the webstore after receiving brand guidelines from the corporate marketing team
  • House of Brands creates the webstore after receiving brand guidelines from the corporate marketing team.
  • House of Brands ensures the webstore is up to date with new items throughout the year.
  • Guaranteed that all new items follow your brand guidelines.
  • House of Brands offers on-boarding calls to all new franchisees to help walk them through the ordering process.
  • House of Brands provides quarterly check-in meetings to ensure we are meeting all of your branding needs throughout the year.
  • Quarterly sale options that provide the franchisee the ability to purchase single items from the webstore at a bulk discounted rate of 30% off.
  • A la carte items available.
  • Flex Funds
    • Flex funds are funds in the form of an e-gift certificate from House of Brands that are used for apparel and other marketing material needs.
    • These funds never expire and the franchisee does not have to use their funds all at once.



Start Up Kits

  • These are the required items that all franchisee locations must purchase as part of their agreement to join your franchise. Typically, start up kits range in price from $3K to $7K for the franchisee.  
  • House of Brands maintains a centralized information hub which includes franchisee information, order dates, flex fund codes, and any other pertinent information, which your corporate office will have access to.
  • House of Brands will work with you to curate exactly what you need, creating the ideal start up kit for your franchisees. 
  • Each franchisee will receive a vendor introduction PDF sheet explaining who we are as a partner of your company. 
  • All franchisees will also receive an instruction sheet for the kits that offers tips and best practices on how to optimally utilize their items.


Items Available for Webstores

  • Print Collateral
  • This can include but is not limited to: Business Cards, Brochures, Rack Cards, Greeting Cards, Envelopes, Folders, Catalogs/Booklets, Flyers, and much more.
  • Promotional Items
    • These items can range in price from as little as $1 and virtually anything you can think of, we can produce. This includes but is not limited to: Koozies, Pens, Tumblers, Shaker Bottles, Stress Relievers, and much more.
  • Large Format Items
    • This can include but is not limited to: Table Throws, Fabric Displays, Banners, Clocks, Bar Stools, and much more.


Inventory Contracts & Agreements

  • House of Brands and your franchise would sign an inventory agreement once the ideal package is created.
    • This provides franchisees with the opportunity to purchase lower quantities of promotional and large format items at a bulk discounted rate.
  • House of Brands will store and manage all inventory. 
  • We will typically have 10 start up kits on hand at all times, so new franchisees do not have to wait for their items to be sent to them. 
  • All items must be approved by your corporate marketing department prior to any reordering is done by House of Brands.
  • House of Brands owns these items until they are purchased by either the corporate franchise office or the franchisees.
  • If the relationship between House of Brands and your franchise were to end, your franchise would be responsible for all items in our inventory.
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